Adjustable Disc Bracelet

  • $18.00

This is one of our hand stamped bracelets with a faux suede cord.
The disc is 15mm stainless steel which does not tarnish or rust.
Letters are 3mm in height.
(Please note that the 6mm font can be used but only a max of 2 letters for uppercase & 3-4 for lowercase. Contact me first if unsure)
The bracelet is adjustable which can be easily put on & taken off.
Charms can also be added, head over to the products page to add them.
Uppercase, lowercase, numbers and some other designs available.

Colours are below:
#1 White
#2 Yellow
#3 Orange
#4 Red
#5 Baby Pink
#6 Dusty Pink
#7 Hot Pink
#8 Lilac
#9 Purple
#10 Violet
#11 Light Green
#12 Teal
#13 Baby Blue
#14 Blue
#15 Dark Blue
#16 Tan
#17 Black

Please make a note at checkout what colour cord you would like. Make sure you also make a note of which font/ designs you would like, the details can be found here.

Please contact me if you have any questions.