Font & Stamp Designs

These are all the fonts & designs that are available at the moment.

We have also introduced new colours Green, Brown, Gold & Silver. Black is the standard so if you don't mention a specific colour that is what you will get on your designs.

Font 1 Jenna Sue - there is a 6mm & 3mm version for the upper & lowercase.
Font 2 Bridgette - this is 3mm in height for the upper, lowercase, numbers & some designs.
Font 3 Acorn - this is 3mm in height for the upper, lowercase & the punctuations.
Font 4 Simple - this is 1.5mm in height for uppercase only & numbers.
Font 5 Blackjack - this is 3mm in height for the upper, lowercase & numbers.
Font 6 Stargazer - this is 2mm in height for the upper, lowercase, numbers & some punctuations.
All of these can be used on the stainless steel & aluminium jewellery.
Please note that the 6mm font will possibly run off the edges on any items that are smaller then 6mm wide. I would recommend using the 3mm version of this font.

The design stamps that are used for stainless steel vary from 1.5mm being the small heart & up to 7mm being the large dandelion. They can also be used on any of the aluminium pieces.

The design stamps that are for aluminium are 1.5mm - 9.5mm in height. They can ONLY be used on aluminium & NOT the stainless steel as this wears the stamp design & the longevity of the stamp itself.

We also have 4 textured options available if you are buying an item which has this, they are only available on our aluminium products.

We have a new range of coloured earrings & you can find the list of available colours below. Please note that the colours will vary slightly from the picture & have a minimum making time of 3 days to allow for curing of the colour. We can also do custom colours so please contact me if you are wanting one.

If you have any questions about the fonts or designs please feel free to send an email or contact me on my Facebook page.